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My Nissan 240sx Racecar Project Overview                Phase



ase B
 I rebuilt the car from the ground up for racing events.
In this 3-year period I taught myself how to make structural welds in steel; a stepping stone for the next phase.  
 I far surpassed what I originally thought I was capable of with this build, as I continue to learn and grow with the project.
Gasoline tank   Engine bay design & construction - Completed
Virginia International Raceway (VIR) - 06May2006   Redesigned motor mounts and front subframe - Completed
Video of the first run around the block - 12Mar2006   Roll cage construction - Completed

o Final Phase started 24Apr2009. See the progress... 1-space.gif (856 bytes) Special project: Fabrication and build of a personal welder
o Welding Video
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