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2009_04_0516as.jpg (29003 bytes)
24Apr09 Engine bay painted
2009_04_0526bs.jpg (32053 bytes)
01May09 applied coat of wax
2009_04_0545s.jpg (24787 bytes)
01May09 Safety hook
2009_04_0544s.jpg (23962 bytes)
01May09 Safety hook
2009_04_0548s.jpg (23740 bytes)
01May09 Coolant expansion tank
2009_05_0571s.jpg (28320 bytes)
04May09 Air intake
2009_04_0525cs.jpg (26195 bytes)
04May09 Air filter
2009_05_0572s.jpg (29601 bytes)
04May09 airbox and coolant reservoir
2009_05_0570s.jpg (26881 bytes)
04May09 Air intake
2009_05_0569s.jpg (29579 bytes)
05May09 Master cylinder
2009_05_0567s.jpg (23745 bytes)
05May09 2:1 Ratio steering quickener
2009_05_0561s.jpg (35038 bytes)
05May09 Started installing parts in cab
2009_05_0564s.jpg (28390 bytes)
05May09 Upper steering shaft mount
2009_05_0563s.jpg (31003 bytes)
05May09 Pedals
2009_05_0573s.jpg (19831 bytes)
05May09 Windshield wiper shaft
2009_05_0566s.jpg (22229 bytes)
05May09 Windshield wiper motor
2009_05_0576s.jpg (52820 bytes)
07May09 Drver's bucket-seat mount
2009_05_0565s.jpg (27548 bytes)
05May09 Windshield defroster - blower
2009_05_0578s.jpg (44687 bytes)
07May09 Drver's bucket-seat mount
2009_05_0583s.jpg (41366 bytes)
07May09 Mounted Kirkey racing seat (testing)
2009_05_0595s.jpg (47949 bytes)
09May09 Preparing the wiring harness
2009_05_0603s.jpg (28535 bytes)
09May09 My custom build engine mount & sway bars
2009_05_0606s.JPG (23673 bytes)
09May09 Engine mount close-up
2009_05_0607s.jpg (49047 bytes)
2009_05_0611s.jpg (49443 bytes)

2009_05_0620s.jpg (40163 bytes)

2009_05_0623s.jpg (35401 bytes)
09May09 Ready for the engine

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