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NISSAN 300ZX 1990 ---> PICTURES --> call/text 240.888.9585

This is one of the cleanest, and probably the most religiously maintained Z cars you will find for sale. 1990 manual 2-seater T-Top non-turbo 100% stock. The mileage is just right at ~5,500 a year (118k), meaning that it hasn't sat for a long time like lower mileage cars, which can cause a number of problems, and it wasn't over driven.

History of the car:
1. Original owner bought this Z in Rockville MD, and owned it for less than 20K miles, not even long enough to pay it off.
2. Second owner was an older woman who had the car for most if its life up until 110K miles. She had all of the periodic maintenance done at the Nissan dealership exclusively.
3. Third owner is me, a devoted Z car fanatic, I brought the car up to an extremely high standard mechanically with OEM and much better than OEM parts.
I originally purchased this car with plans to race it while my other Z was out of commission, but after a few days of driving it, I decided that it is way too nice to race into the ground and ruin like I did with my other car. So it has been my daily car instead, I've been driving it carefully with the intent to save gas, parking on the far end of lots to avoid door dings, and really I would rather have something more practical for a daily car. My other Z is about to hit the road again and I don't need two although it kind of pains me to give it up.

The following parts have been replaced within the last 6 months, all are Nissan parts unless otherwise noted:

  • JUST INSTALLED 8/4/11 NEW Hankook Ventus R-S3 extreme performance summer tires w/full alignment. ($600) Stock size 225-50R15. Grassroots Motorsports Magazine rated these the best performance street tires of 2011
  • 6 new style fuel injectors
  • Complete timing belt kit and ALL associated parts (with Ramey Z upgraded idler studs)
  • Front oil seals
  • Water pump, thermostat, and Z1 motorsports silicone bypass hoses
  • PCV valves with Z1 motorsports silicone hoses
  • Replaced all brittle and hard to get to hoses with Z1 formed silicone replacements
  • All drive belts
  • Fuel filter
  • Air filters (Purolator brand)
  • Wipers front and rear (rain-x latitude blades times 3 is $60)
  • All power steering non-pressure lines (two are Z1 silicone with an inner lining and one is Nissan)

    Other misc. work performed
  • Bled brakes, ABS unit, and clutch fluid
  • Bypassed and deleted intake manifold coolant hoses (prone to failure and difficult to get to)
  • New coolant, 70% distilled water mix
  • Re-torqued valve covers to prevent future leaking
  • Carefully converted to full synthetic oil (Mobil 1 10w30)
  • Nissan oil filters only (oil changed every 2.5-3K)
  • Inside of the front fenders and all of the wheel wells were cleaned to prevent rust (whole car is free of rust)

  • No accidents / clean title with my name on it
  • Front bumper lip has some road rash as you can see from the pictures
  • The body and paint are excellent considering their age, but expect many imperfections
  • Bose stereo system is factory original (meaning that it stopped working years ago)
  • AC and climate control work great
  • I have an incredibly rare original titanium key for it (verified original), also have the red valet and black standard key
  • Keyhole light on drivers side door
  • Buyer will receive a future maintenance schedule in a word document

    All maintenance and then some is up to date. This is a reliable and worry free historic sports car, it has received a lot of loving care and attention. It is clean and beautiful and it needs absolutely nothing. I constantly receive compliments from strangers and offers to buy the car, and itís now ready to be enjoyed by someone else. $7,000 OBO.

    I have about 100 pictures in the links below, or come see the car anytime this weekend 240.888.5829 call/text


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