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2009_05_0625s.jpg (47800 bytes)
11May09 Engine wiring completed - ready for mount
2009_05_0624s.jpg (48255 bytes)
11May09 Simplified transmission mount
2009_05_0627s.jpg (37968 bytes)
11May09 Everything in place for the engine
2009_05_0629s.jpg (47194 bytes)
11May09 Attaching subframe to the engine
2009_05_0633s.jpg (44656 bytes)
11May09 Attaching subframe to the engine
2009_05_0634s.jpg (30491 bytes)
11May09 Close-up

2009_05_0639s.jpg (39639 bytes)
11May09 Engine almost in place

2009_05_0641s.jpg (32434 bytes)
11May09 additional gear box mount

2009_05_0642s.jpg (41430 bytes)
11May09 Connecting steering shaft

2009_05_0645s.jpg (41127 bytes)
11May09 In its home, back of motor is a hair away from the firewall
2009_05_0649s.jpg (38244 bytes)
12May09 Connected tube frame to hold radiator, fan, and front body
2009_05_0662s.jpg (37463 bytes)
12May09 Front view

2009_05_0686s.jpg (36907 bytes)
18May09 close up
2009_05_0689s.jpg (40102 bytes)
2009_05_0690s.jpg (38604 bytes)
20May09 Re-purposed street sign
2009_05_0692s.jpg (38050 bytes)
20May09 Underbody
2009_05_0708s.jpg (20398 bytes)
25May09 Welding the seat back support bar
2009_05_0710s.jpg (44526 bytes)
25May09 Harness and seat support bar
2009_05_0711s.jpg (33175 bytes)
25May09 Testing suspension movement and turn angle
2009_05_0712s.jpg (35349 bytes)
25May09 Maximum angle
2009_05_0713s.jpg (39433 bytes)
25May09 Radiator installed
2009_05_0715s.jpg (31587 bytes)
25May09 Testing the e-fans
DSCN2226s.jpg (35018 bytes)
25May09 Night shot 1
DSCN2227s.jpg (43586 bytes)
25May09 Night shot 2

2009_05_0816s.jpg (41913 bytes)
31May09 Stitch-weld the base of the roof

2009_05_0832s.jpg (32013 bytes)
31May09 Close-up of the rear roof weld

2009_05_0835s.jpg (34326 bytes)
31May09 Roof is back in place

2009_05_0822s.jpg (38163 bytes)
31May09 Dreaming...

2009_05_0815s.jpg (107993 bytes)
31May09 Almost there!
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